What I saw in Randie’s center was not dissimilar to my own: accessible, compassionate people helping students in a multitude of ways. At the beginning of the day, a student from ENG 101 came in wondering how to tell good web articles from bad ones. Near midday, a student walked in wanting help writing an... Continue Reading →

Teaching Behind a Curtain – Part 2

Previously, I discussed how the ancient Greek Philosopher Pythagoras taught his students while speaking from behind a curtain, thus creating the concept of the acousmatic voice. In this post, I want to consider one twenty-first century equivalent of the Pythagorean curtain: online appointments. In our center, we use Writing Center Online appointment software. WC Online (that... Continue Reading →

Teaching Behind a Curtain – Part 1

The Greek philosopher, mathematician, and scientist Pythagoras had an unusual approach to teaching. Concerned that his physical presence and gestures would distract his students from the message of his lessons, Pythagoras taught from behind a curtain. While this approach no doubt challenged the efficacy of students raising their hands when they had questions, it did create... Continue Reading →

Since the spring semester ended on May 4th, I have been reading Kathleen Blake Yancey, Liane Robertson, and Kara Taczak’s influential work, Writing Across Contexts: Transfer, Composition, and Sites of Writing. In reading the work, I have developed a new appreciation for how what the field of compositional studies has come to refer to as... Continue Reading →

I am excited to announce a collaborative research project between Wallace Community College and Auburn University at Montgomery. WCC Writing Center Coordinator Dr. Randall Sessler and AUM Learning Center Coordinator Matthew Kemp will each spend a day shadowing one another at their respective campuses. While acknowledging that writing centers at four-year universities, community colleges, historically... Continue Reading →

Decentralizing Writing Centers

At last February's Southeastern Writing Center Association (SWCA) conference in Oxford, Mississippi, I attended several worthwhile panels on representing the value of writing centers. Presenters discussed a variety of ways to quantify and document the impact writing centers have on student success. After the conference, I mined data on our fall semester here at Wallace to... Continue Reading →

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