The Writing Center at Wallace Community College is comprised of a lively mix of peer and professional tutors. Our peer tutors are students at the college, and our professional tutors have completed at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. We are also one center with two locations: I serve as coordinator of the main Campus in Dothan; Sarah Alsammani is the coordinator of our sister location in Eufaula. Along with our director, Marshall Barth, and media coordinator, Phillip M. Pinyan, we work to provide our students with the best possible assistance with any type of writing. For more information about us, checkout our website, Facebook page, and YouTube videos.

Mission Statement: 

The Writing Center at Wallace Community College offers students free assistance with all writing, from essays to résumés and everything in between. We provide a friendly, welcoming space for students to ask questions and develop writing skills that will prove useful well beyond graduation.

Our Locations: