Transferring Between Modalities

In a few short months, I will have to face a wonderful but terrible truth: peer tutors graduate. While I am proud in a way that I cannot express in words (interpretive dance or semaphore may come closer), I will no doubt shed many a tear. Two of my peer tutors transferring to the University... Continue Reading →

Survey Data and Writing Center Impact

Inspired by presentations at this year's SWCA conference, I have begun to mine past survey data to find new and engaging ways to show the effects our writing center has on students. The word cloud below is part of my renewed foray into analytics and data collation. Allow me to provide a bit of context. I... Continue Reading →

Assessing Writing Center Effectiveness

This post is a continuation of my reflections from the SWCA 2017 Conference at the University of Mississippi. In this follow up, I will discuss how two writing centers in our state of Alabama have developed creative techniques to show the ways in which writing centers affect student success. During her talk, "Demonstrating Value-Added: When Administrators... Continue Reading →

From February 15th to 18th, I had the pleasure of representing my writing center at the Southeastern Writing Center Association (SWCA) Conference at the University of Mississippi. Over the course of the conference, I attended wonderful presentations and heard accounts of the great work happening at writing centers all over the region. Using one of... Continue Reading →

Research Project: New Media, New Literacies, and Writing Centers

Over the course of the last month, I have been reviewing the thought-provoking pieces in Writing New Media: Theory and Applications for Expanding the Teaching of Composition (2004) and The Routledge Reader on Writing Centers & New Media (2014). Both collections raise crucial questions regarding the relationship between writing centers practices and new/emerging media. The chart to the right represents... Continue Reading →

IWCA: Old Technology, New Frontier

IWCA 2016: At the 2016 International Writing Center Association conference, Sarah and I shared the results of months of research. During the summer and fall semesters, we reflected on the new frontiers we encounter in our centers. Together, we recorded several tutoring sessions from our centers in order to reveal the ways in which new media... Continue Reading →

Our New Look Writing Center

Recently, our center has undergone a bit of a makeover. Collaborating with Caitlyn Ward, one of our wonderful professional tutors, Phillip has redesigned The Writing Center logo. The featured image of this post is the new cover photo for our Facebook page. We also uploaded several more videos, including all of the recordings from our Voices of The... Continue Reading →

The Wallace CROw MLA Guide

Inspired by the incredibly helpful Purdue Online Writing Lab, known as Purdue OWL, we here at Wallace Community College have created our own hyperlinked MLA citation guide. Professional tutor Mandy Smith worked tirelessly to make what I like to call The Wallace CROw, short for Citations Ready Online. The CROw is still being revised but will... Continue Reading →

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